Successful Launch of Camp YOLO

July 2016 saw the launch of Camp YOLO, an eye4education based initiative providing a multi-activity timetabled camp for children aged 5 -14, running during summer, Halloween break and Easter break at the Stormont Estate (current company HQ).

Traditionally camps are either sports based or require some form of competency, performance and or talent. As well as welcoming all these criteria, Camp YOLO on the other hands looks at things a little bit differently in that the only thing it requires is a WILLINGNESS. Camp YOLO provides experiences for young people aged 5 – 14 in a wide range of activities such as team building games, drama, dance, sports, rocket building and cookery to name a few.

Over the course of the last two weeks of July over 160 children attended Camp YOLO and going by twitter and Facebook comments there seems to be growing demand from parents to come away from traditional sports camps. Camp YOLO is listening and as a result has decided to expand operations to Halloween and Easter. Parents can register their children through a bespoke online booking service found at We would also encourage everyone to have a look at the video clip on the home page summing up the children’s memories of summer 2016.