St Patrick’s Academy, Lisburn Yr 11 & 12 Pupils Meet eye4education

With the goal of improving GCSE scores, senior management from St Patrick’s Academy in Lisburn met with eye4education to discuss programmes and activities that could be brought to their Year 11 and Year 12 pupils to motivate them and help them study more effectively for their GCSE coursework and exams.

As a result, on the morning of the 19th of October, Ted Jensen joined the entire Year 11 year group for an interactive one-hour Motivation 4 Education programme that left the pupils ready to “Take Action” and left them remembering to “Eat the Frog First” when it comes to their studies.

The year group was then split into two with half joining Ted before lunch and half after lunch for a 2-hour Skills 4 Study programme. The pupils learned a lot about how their brains work with regard to studying and retention of information both from a theoretical point of view and from a very practical “study tips” point of view.

And then two days later, on the 21st of October, a similar (although slightly more advanced) programme was run with the year 12’s.

Several tweets after the programmes reflect how the events were received:
- My son really enjoyed today at St Patrick’s Lisburn! Fully motivated for success! Thanks for your help! (from a parent)
- Learned so many things today and will apply it to my future exams and jobs #AlwaysEatTheFrog (from a pupil)
- Joe really enjoyed listening to Ted! Everything has been compared to a dead frog tonight! (from a parent)

eye4education is looking forward to joining St Patrick’s Academy, Lisburn again in the near future to work with them and their pupils on other programmes to help achieve their school targets.