Skills 4 Study Programme Modified to Target BTEC Pupils

As an educational consultancy, every programme put on by eye4education is a bespoke programme tweaked to meet the goals of the school and the age/abilities of the pupils. However schools sometime ask eye4education to create a new programme that is completely different from what they’ve done before. And that is what happened when eye4education was asked to create a specific version of their Skills 4 Study programme to cater for BTEC and Applied Subjects Pupils.

While the mainstream Skills 4 Study programme focuses on learning styles, revision techniques and exams, the focus had to be completely different for this new programme where coursework preparation is the key element. The agreed objectives are:
• Understanding the BTEC/Applied qualifications and how they fit into Progression Routes for students
• Understanding of how to “prove competency” in Portfolio Work
• Awareness of the Northern Ireland Labour Market
• Developing a self-study SWOT analysis
• Understanding skills for effective study/coursework preparation
• Awareness of the importance of literacy (grammar, spelling, proof reading) in Portfolio Work
• Awareness of Motivation as it applies to school work

With more and more post-primary school including BTEC and Applied courses in their curriculum this Skills 4 Study (BTEC/Applied) programme has taken off. As a teacher at St. Paul’s HS in Bessbrook said: “Pupils felt very reassured about the value of their qualification. The timetable exercise was excellent and shocked a lot of students. 'Eat the Frog First' was very appropriate. In fact I have taken it on board myself! Pupils enjoyed the humour.”