As the new school year kicks off, many schools are focusing on preparing their 6th form pupils for a busy year ahead. Study skills is a key element of that preparation. Over two days at the end of August, eye4education ran three of their Skills 4 Study programmes: At Ballyclare High School with year 13, at Ballymena Academy also with year 13 and at St Marks High School in Warrenpoint with the pupils and parents of year 13’s and 14’s as a preparation for the full 2 hour programme with the pupils in early October.

This programme is all about learning to study effectively so as to retain the most information possible. The pupils do a lot of thinking about themselves, their capabilities and their habits as they look at their own strengths and weaknesses, examine their Learning Styles (Visual, Auditory or Kinaesthetic), work through time management/schedule and look at their learning preferences. Throw in a bit of Labour Market Intelligence and some good practice models for effective study and the pupils came out of the programmes motivated for a great year ahead.