Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in IT
We aim to work closely with schools by providing accredited programmes for students IN school. The students follow policies and uniform protocols in their capacity as members of their respective school communities. Our model of programme delivery includes work placement where the students will have practical hands on experience for portfolio work under the guidance of a suitably qualified and experienced mentor. This complements the curricula offered IN school.

This course which requires 720 guided learning hours is suitable for;

• Learners studying in preparation for employment in IT.
• Learners wishing to gain a level 3 qualification to support further study in Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) in IT.
• Learners wishing to gain a Level 3 qualification to support further study in FE or HE in any other sector or subject area.

This course has 120 credits attached to it and carries a maximum of 280 UCAS points for candidates who achieve the two distinction starred (D*D*) outcomes.
This qualification is for learners who prefer to study IT in a context that allows them to learn and be assessed in ways that are practical and relevant to the IT sector.

Emerging research has shown that employers need people who are able to help them develop their systems or the systems for their customers, use IT as a tool to analyse data and develop applications. With this in mind, this qualification is designed to give learners a range of specialist knowledge and transferable skills in the field context of applied IT, providing them with the opportunity to enter an apprenticeship, move directly into employment, or progress to a related HE course.

Learners will take eleven units, made up of four mandatory and seven optional units. They will choose to study one of four specialist pathways depending on the career they wish to pursue.
All learners will study the following three mandatory units; Fundamentals of IT, Global information and Cyber security.

In addition, learners are required to complete eight further units, one of which must be the designated mandatory unit for their chosen pathway.

The four pathways are:

• IT Infrastructure Technician
• Emerging Digital Technology Practitioner
• Application Developer
• Data Analyst

The remaining optional units chosen will support and enhance the skills that learners are developing in a particular pathway, enabling them to gain a deeper appreciation of a specific industry or occupation.

For further information on this course please contact us at the following email address info@eye4training.co.uk and we will be delighted to assist you.