Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Health and Social Care
We aim to work closely with schools by providing accredited programmes for students IN school. The students follow policies and uniform protocols in their capacity as members of their respective school communities. Our model of programme delivery includes work placement where the students will have practical hands on experience for portfolio work under the guidance of a suitably qualified and experienced mentor. This complements the curricula offered IN school.

This course which requires 720 guided learning hours is suitable for;

• Learners studying in preparation for employment in Health and Social Care.
• Learners wishing to gain a level 3 qualification to support further study in Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) in Health and Social Care.
• Learners wishing to gain a Level 3 qualification to support further study in FE or HE in any other sector or subject area.

This course has 120 credits attached to it and carries a maximum of 280 UCAS points for candidates who achieve the two distinction starred (D*D*) outcomes.

This qualification is for learners who want to study health science, social care or child care. Emerging research has shown that people working in the sector need to have excellent people skills and to be person-centred in order to succeed.
This qualification will provide learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding to progress into employment in the health and social care sector either through an apprenticeship or directly into work. Job roles that learners could go on to include Health Care Assistant, Care Worker, Nursery Assistant or Social Work Assistant.

Learners will take between 12 – 13 units, made up of mandatory and optional units. The following units are mandatory:

• Building positive relationships in health and social care
• Equality, diversity and rights in health and social care
• Health, safety and security in health and social care
• Infection control
• Personalisation and a person-centred approach to care
These units will give learners an understanding of health and social care within the wider contexts of different environments and settings where care takes place, the importance of effective communication in health and social care, the importance of legislation in health and social care and how to deliver a person-centred approach in the care they give.

Learners will choose to study at least one of three specialised pathways depending on the career they wish to pursue. Depending on the pathway chosen the units learners take will vary:

Health Science pathway
units include; Anatomy and physiology for health and social care, The impact of long-term physiological conditions and Nutrition for health.

Social Care and Support pathway
units include; Supporting people with dementia, Caring for older people and Creativity and activity for adults.

Working with Children and Young People pathway
units include; Promote positive behaviour, Principles of youth work practice and Sexual health, reproduction and early development stages.

For further information on this course please contact us at the following email address info@eye4training.co.uk and we will be delighted to assist you.