Cambridge Technical Level 3 Diploma in Digital Media
We aim to work closely with schools by providing accredited programmes for students IN school. The students follow policies and uniform protocols in their capacity as members of their respective school communities. Our model of programme delivery includes work placement where the students will have practical hands on experience for portfolio work under the guidance of a suitably qualified and experienced mentor. This complements the curricula offered IN school.

This course which requires 720 guided learning hours is equivalent in size to two A levels and is suitable for learners who want to study digital media concept and production development. It allows them to specialise in either digital content for interactive media or moving image and audio production.

Learners will develop specialist knowledge, skills and understanding in their chosen area, to prepare them for employment in the digital media sector in job roles such as digital layout artists, assistant animators, production runners and freelance crew.

Learners will choose to study units from one of two specialist pathways depending on the career they wish to pursue. The two pathways are; Digital Content for Interactive Media and, Moving Image and Audio Production.

Digital Content for Interactive Media – the types of job roles this pathway could lead to could be; digital layout artists, digital graphic designers, assistant computer graphics modellers or assistant animators.

Moving Image and Audio Production pathway – the types of job roles this pathway could lead to could be; runners, assistant camera operator, assistant lighting camera person, freelance crew or promoters at festivals and live music events.

Mandatory units are as follows:
• Media products and audiences
• Pre-production and planning
• Create a media product
• Social media and globalisation
These units will develop learners understanding of how different media institutions operate to create products that appeal to specific target audiences. They’ll gain knowledge and understanding of the pre-production, planning and production processes and go on to create a media product. They’ll also understand the ways that social media products have created a globalised, connected society and how these are used by media producers. The units also develop transferable skills such as planning, communication, adaptability and leadership.

In addition, learners are required to complete the designated mandatory unit for their chosen pathway and between seven and ten optional units.

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