Level 3 Cambridge Technical Diploma in Business
We aim to work closely with schools by providing accredited programmes for students IN school. The students follow policies and uniform protocols in their capacity as members of their respective school communities. Our model of programme delivery includes work placement where the students will have practical hands on experience for portfolio work under the guidance of a suitably qualified and experienced mentor. This complements the curricula offered IN school.

This course which requires 720 guided learning hours is suitable for;

• Learners studying in preparation for employment in Business.
• Learners wishing to gain a level 3 qualification to support further study in Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE) in Business.
• Learners wishing to gain a Level 3 qualification to support further study in FE or HE in any other sector or subject area.

This course has 120 credits attached to it and carries a maximum of 280 UCAS points for candidates who achieve the two distinction starred (D*D*) outcomes.
This qualification will provide learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding to progress into employment in IT either through an apprenticeship or directly into work. If learners wish to specialise into a specific sector or specific occupational group through work, this qualification will provide them with the transferable knowledge and skills prioritised by employers and professional bodies. It will provide learners with skills for business related jobs that include for example, trainee accountant, marketing assistant, human resources assistant or project administrator.

Learners will take 11 units which are made up of mandatory and optional units.

The following units are mandatory and must be studied:

• The business environment
• Working in business
• Business decisions
• Customers and communication
Learners will choose to study at least one of four specialised pathways depending on the career they wish to pursue, and they can study a second pathway if they wish. Depending on the pathway or pathways chosen the units learners take will vary:

Marketing pathway
units include; Marketing and market research, Marketing strategy and Marketing campaign.

Human resources pathway
units include; Introduction to human resources, Recruitment and selection and Employer – employee relations.

Accounting pathway
units include; Accounting concepts, Financial accounting and Management accounting.

Business planning pathway
units include; Resource management, Change management and Principles of project management.

For further information on this course please contact us at the following email address info@eye4training.co.uk and we will be delighted to assist you.