Subject Mapping 4 Careers is a specialised programme specifically tailored towards the client school, best suited for pupils in either Yr.10 or Yr.12 in advance of them making their subject choices for GCSE and/or A-Level. It is essential that we work in partnership with the school in question in order to collect all the necessary data to map to the desired programme. Within this programme pupils will investigate the importance of making the right subject choices and more importantly what subjects they are best suited to. Pupils will also explore the range of qualifications available and at what level. We tend to work from the end career goal backwards using the psychology of ‘Begin with the End in Mind’.

Learning and Development Objectives are as follows:

• Completion of a multiple intelligence questionnaire
• Investigating what the choices are at School (comprehensive input)
• Highlighting businesses that employ people with various linked subjects
• Demonstrating the benefits of having level 2 qualifications
• Investigate possible job opportunities and starting salaries with having level 2 and further (shown on case study cards)
• Exploring where to look for real time data in regards to subjects
• Participating in a prospective pathways and progression assessment

Timings and Resources:

The programme lasts for a maximum of 2 hours split into 6 x 20 minute sessions.
Delivered in a workshop style format, tables of max 6 pupils.
Can be delivered in class or main hall.
Will need use of screen, projector and sound.
All other resources and technology will be provided by eye4education.

This programme is inclusive of the revised curriculum and will include many elements of ICT, numeracy and literacy.

As an inbuilt programme with our options procedures at Yr10 and 12, we work intensively with eye4education over a period of months to make sure we have the necessary outcomes ultimately all for the benefit of the pupils and parents. It is vital that time is spent with eye4education and also that they are exposed to the parents at the same time.

Teacher | Glengormley High School

eye4education makes every educational programme a bespoke event based on the special requirements and the abilities of the pupils. We can also pre and post-test all pupils participating in the programme to produce a detailed report outlining changes in behaviour, skills, knowledge and attitude.

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