The Skills 4 Study programme is best delivered to Key Stage 4 and Post 16 pupils including Colleges and Universities. Using up to date research and proven learning techniques, this programme takes pupils through a centralised individual learning platform with the aim of enhancing retention of information while at the same time finding the motivation to study. Pupils will investigate current learning and retention techniques, as well as looking at local case studies and good practice models. Pupils will ultimately create an independent study plan unique to their own situation. This programme is completed with the aid of an A5 workbook and the use of Qwizdom technology.

Learning and Development Objectives are as follows:

• Exercising the brain with memory challenges and energisers
• Understanding the relationship of neuro-linguistic programming to effective studying
• Gaining the motivation to study
• Developing a self-study SWOT analysis
• Understanding the science of concentration and retention
• Understanding learning styles mapped to studying techniques
• Understanding the purpose of using the left and right side of the brain
• Realisation of the benefits of teaching others
• Assessing time management skills
• Completing a study organisation checklist
• Investigating the qualifications and destinations of school leavers in NI
• Application of good practice models –INDEX/SQ3R

Timings and Resources:

The programme lasts for a maximum of 2 hours split into 6 x 20 minute sessions.
Delivered in a workshop style format, tables of max 6 pupils.
Can be delivered in class or main hall.
Will need use of screen, projector and sound.
All other resources and technology will be provided by eye4education.

The programme is inclusive of the revised curriculum and will include many elements of ICT, numeracy and literacy.

The Skills 4 Study Programme is a refreshing experience from the previous traditional workshops run by many other organisations. This programme creates lots of different methodologies for pupils to explore ultimately selecting a method that is best suited to them. The resources and materials used are first class as is the current up to date information. This is a programme we run from year to year within the school.

Teacher | St Mary’s Grammar, Belfast

eye4education makes every educational programme a bespoke event based on the special requirements and the abilities of the pupils. We can also pre and post-test all pupils participating in the programme to produce a detailed report outlining changes in behaviour, skills, knowledge and attitude.

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