Primarily targeted at Key Stage 3 pupils, the aim of the Junior Apprentice Programme is to explore and develop enterprise and entrepreneurial behaviour of post-primary school pupils, engaging in the concepts of being proactive and innovative while at the same time learning to perform as part of a team.

The programme is tailored to build in various elements of business start-up such as 4P’s of marketing, financial control including managing budgets, business planning and problem solving through innovative thinking. The programme is concluded with an interactive assessment using Qwizdom technology.

Learning and Development Objectives are as follows:

• Discovering enterprise/entrepreneurship using multimedia and an A3 mind map
• Matching specific skills and qualities to entrepreneurs and links to post-primary school
• Tracking local entrepreneurs (specifically within post-primary school / role models)
• Investigating the 4P’s of marketing
• Solving problems using innovation and enterprise (choice of 3 case studies)
• Product development (including introduction to the product life cycle)
• Completion of a basic business plan including financial forecasting
• Assessing entrepreneurial skills using an e-platform (optional)

Timings and Resources:

The programme lasts up to a maximum of 2 hours split in 6 x 20 minute bite size sessions.
Depending on group size, can be run in the classroom or main hall.
Would require use of sound and data projector (plus screen).
Room to be set up in workshop style format. (Max 6 pupils per table).
eye4education provides all other materials, resources and technology.

The programme is inclusive of the revised curriculum and will include many elements of ICT, numeracy and literacy.

This was truly a unique experience for the pupils. Sometimes we are so focused on academic excellence (which is important) we totally dismiss entrepreneurial experiences. This programme highlighted the importance of both, pupils got to engage in some real life problems, ultimately working as a team to use their entrepreneurial skills to find a solution which was embedded using their current academic skills.

Teacher | Belfast Royal Academy

eye4education makes every educational programme a bespoke event based on the special requirements and the abilities of the pupils. We can also pre and post-test all pupils participating in the programme to produce a detailed report outlining changes in behaviour, skills, knowledge and attitude.

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