In this day-long programme, pupils participate in a 4 stage assessment centre process; each stage must be successfully completed in order for the pupil to progress to the next stage. Upon completion at stage 4 the pupils will be called in for feedback and informed if they would be offered the job. It is essential to have a number of Business Advisors present for the day to mirror real life employability scenarios for the students. Each School can decide if they wish pupils to experience all 4 stages or if they wish for a process of elimination. (Stage 1 and 2 can be completed by all pupils, stage 3 and 4 depends on advisor to pupil ratio). eye4education facilitates the programme and supplies all materials and resources including full briefing packs and a final feedback session delivered to the participating pupils within 1 week of the Assessment Centre completion. Please note – This can also be run as a ‘Training Assessment Centre’ with full coaching and tutoring provided to all pupils at each stage, more like a walk through exercise.

eye4education makes every educational programme a bespoke event based on the special requirements and the abilities of the pupils. We can also pre and post-test all pupils participating in the programme to produce a detailed report outlining changes in behaviour, skills, knowledge and attitude.

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