Over a 3 hour period, the 4STEP Programme engages an entire year group in a series of four competitive activity stations covering Numeracy, Literacy, Marketing and Engineering.

There is a very strong Team Building element to this programme where the pupils are broken out of their traditional friendship groups to form teams with new people from their year group to compete in the 4 activities for points leading to prizes.

It is targeted towards Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4 and Post-16 pupils with different levels of complexity to the four activity stations depending on capabilities/age of the students.

This programme has been used by schools to introduce new pupils to their year group in Year 8; used to welcome back later year groups; used during Target Setting sessions to keep pupils engaged; used to integrate new year 13 pupils and used at the end of term as a reward to promote team building and group/year cohesion.

eye4education presenters were absolutely brilliant with our pupils. They immediately established an appropriate rapport with the pupils and had them engaged from the start. I was impressed with the content and the relevance of the programme. Many thanks for the opportunity to be involved in such an innovative and unique event. Well done!

Teacher | Malone College, Belfast

eye4education makes every educational programme a bespoke event based on the special requirements and the abilities of the pupils. We can also pre and post-test all pupils participating in the programme to produce a detailed report outlining changes in behaviour, skills, knowledge and attitude.

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