Primary Transition Project with Stranmillis University College

Transition from Primary to Post-primary school can be a stressful event for all Primary 7 pupils. In conjunction with Stranmillis University College we offered a transition programme about gaining an insight into life as a post-primary school pupil to eight P7 classes from six schools: Rathcoole, Taughmonagh, Holy Rosary, Whitehouse, Hollybank and Elmgrove Primary School.

Within the programme there were two main workshops. Firstly, the ‘Trans4mers’ workshop aimed to highlight the transitional change from Primary to Post-primary school. The programme looked at the impact on the pupils’ future daily lives before, during and after school. Main aspects that were focused on included networking and making new friends and the idea of timetabling.

Secondly, in the ‘Health 4 Life’ workshop the P7 pupils were introduced to health and well-being while engaging them in the concepts of being proactive in leading balanced and healthy lifestyles. Children were getting focused on five themes of having a healthy life: Social, Physical, Emotional, Cognitive and Spiritual.

Here are some responses from the pupils involved in the programme:

“I really enjoyed learning about what high school experience is going to be like and learning about my healthy eating plate and making the character Stanley healthy.”

“I liked the school planner because it shows what normal planners at your new secondary school will be like.”

“I liked the activities today but my favourite was the timetabling because we had to make time for everything.”

“I enjoyed helping Stanley get fit and healthy and also learning about the eating chart.”

“The thing I liked the most was… EVERYTHING!”