Longstone School Runs Year 8 Team Building Challenge

What does a special school do when they have half of their year 8 class made up of their own P7 pupils and half of it made up of pupils from other schools? How do you get the pupils quickly integrated? You run a Year 8 Team Building Challenge to get the pupils working together on exciting, engaging team tasks and getting to know each other.

That’s exactly what Longstone Special School did on the 2nd of September 2016 when they brought in eye4education to run their Team Building Challenge programme.

The 25 pupils were split into 4 teams (Lion Team, Tiger Team, Polar Bear Team and Grizzly Bear Team) which were chosen to integrate the new pupils to the school with the existing pupils. The teams were then set three team tasks to perform:

High Tower: The first task was to work as a group to build the largest building structure using only spaghetti pasta and marshmallows. The pyramid shape was used as the basic structure due to its inherent stability and they were combined to make larger structures.

Team Problem Solving Challenge: The second task was to work as a team to take a 2m x 3m blue tarp that was lying on the ground and flip it over. Sounds easy! But then put 2, 3, 4 pupils (and eventually the entire team) on it while it is being flipped and it becomes much more complex. And then to make it even more difficult, do it using a 1m x 1m tarp. Good team problem solving skills were definitely required.

Space Cadets: The final team task was to imagine you are on the moon and you have to build a moon base in the shape of a tower – using only paper and tape. 4 very different and very successful designs quickly went up. Outstanding!

The pupils certainly enjoyed themselves (as did the teachers) and liked the fact that they got to work with new pupils and get to know them. A very successful event!