Hazelwood and Edmund Rice join in Literacy 4 Life Programme

The Literacy 4 Life Programme is a 2 x ½ day workshop (with included an extended activity in-between workshops completed independently) targeted towards 25 Year 10 pupils from each school in question.

These were pupils who are capable of achieving foundation level English grade C as minimum standard, however need additional attention and possible context based motivation.

The aim of the programme was to reinforce the importance of literacy, reading and writing for career progression and independent living, delivered using innovative activities via a blended learning approach.

Research from the NI Audit Office - Improving Adult Literacy and Numeracy Report, demonstrated that those with poor literacy and numeracy skills are:
• Four times more likely to be unemployed
• If employed, more like to be in a low paid, low skilled job
• More likely to suffer from ill-health or depression
• More likely to be dependent on state benefits
• More likely to be in poor housing.

With these statistics in mind pupils were introduced to tips and techniques in how to improve their literacy skills.