GCSE English Language Pupils Get Ready for Exam 2

eye4education was approached several months back to put together a bespoke programme for Coleraine College to make a positive impact on the GCSE English language pupils’ performance on Exam No. 2 – Reading Non-Fiction and Writing Non-Fiction.

On Monday the 6th of June 2016, the day before the exam, the pupils joined eye4education for the 2 hour programme. Through a series of group activities: questions answered using Qwizdom controllers, working with cards, group writing, highlighting text, etc, the pupils were able to put everything they had learned up that point together into a cohesive framework, preparing them for the exam the next day.

Pre surveys and post surveys at the event showed a significant increase in confidence about the upcoming exam, making the pupils better prepared to sit it.

We now look forward to seeing the positive impact of this programme when the grades come out in August.