We are currently in the process of creating a bespoke careers App called ‘A Game of Careers’ played using the top 20 industries in NI with the capability to play the game as a variety of over 300 itemised careers.

Over the last 6 months eye4education in partnership with Outsider Games have been working on a bespoke interactive careers app called ‘A Game of Careers’. Ideally the app is best suited for KS3 pupils and will provide up to date information on routes to progression, skills and qualities required as well as starting salaries within over 300 popular careers. The game will take pupils on a journey from Yr8 right through to the labour market in which they will have time to browse over 20 industries itemising over 300 careers prior to selecting their particular career they wish to play the game as. The game will be available as a demo to all Careers Teachers in NI and then the full version available on a specific agreed license (as the information will be updated each year). If you are interested in receiving a demo link please get in touch.