eye4education Partner with ALMAC in a Pilot Project

Over the next few months eye4education will be working with ALMAC in running bespoke assessment centres with local Schools who offer A-Level Chemistry. ALMAC have 24 work experience placements available in this area of the business and as a forward thinking strategic move have decided to use eye4education’s expertise to find the deserving pupils. Each School will be invited to send their A-Level Chemistry pupils to a central venue in which they will compete in a 4 staged process. Stage 1 being an application form for the post; stage 2 being an aptitude test; stage 3 will involve context based group assessments and finally stage 4 being individual interviews. From this process the top 24 pupils will be offered the work experience placements. It is envisaged there will be approximately 80 competing pupils in total, in which eye4education will manage the whole process.