eye4education brings STEM Programmes to Special Schools

Having been running STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) programmes in mainstream schools for years, this Spring eye4education turned their focus towards the Special School Sector with a series of 3 STEM related programmes:

• STEM Rockets
• STEM, Enterprise and the Science of Baking
• STEM Junior Apprentice

and brought them to 5 schools:

• Rosstulla Special School, Newtownabbey
• Killard House School Donaghadee
• Mitchell House School, Belfast
• Castle Tower School, Ballymena
• Longstone School, Dungannon

In each programme the pupils were introduced to various aspects of STEM subjects, STEM companies (companies who base their business around one of the STEM areas: Science, Technology, etc) and jobs in STEM companies. As well, in each programme the pupils participated in a number of Team activities allowing them to experience STEM in practice. In the Rockets programme they were Biologists categorising animals, Technologists analysing technological developments, Egyptian Engineers building Pyramids and finally Aeronautical Engineers and Chemical Engineers designing testing and launching rockets. In the Enterprise and the Science of Baking programme they were entrepreneurs starting a cookie company using Chemistry to develop their products and make sure they bake just right. And in the Junior Apprentice programme they were Product Innovators coming up with product ideas and determining how to best market them.

The Learning and Development Checks that were performed before and after the events showed that the pupils gained knowledge and understanding about STEM and also enjoyed themselves greatly.

This programme of three Special events has been so successful that eye4education is now looking to expand their offering of programmes to the Special School sector and looks forward to again joining these 5 schools, and other Special schools, in the Fall.