De La Salle Yr10’s Confident on Making the Right Choice

On 5th April 2016 De La Salle College engaged in the eye4education Subject Mapping Programme which is a bespoke programme tailored to the School option choices.

The below were the agreed objectives in partnership with the School:
• Completion of a multiple intelligence questionnaire
• Investigating what the choices are at De La Salle College for GCSE studies
• Highlighting businesses that employ people with various linked subjects
• Demonstrating the benefits of having level 2 qualifications
• Investigate possible job opportunities and starting salaries with having level 2 qualifications and further (shown on case study cards)
• Exploring where to look for real time data in regards to subjects
• Presenting future labour market trends highlighting qualifications / skills gap taken into consideration the School’s pathways and available subjects.

The pupils received a custom designed workbook and participated in a variety of surveys in order to generate vital data in which eye4education can feed back to the School and assist in making sure all pupils have researched their options choices and are confident in their final decisions. An important aspect of this programme is the link to the Parent Employability Programme (PEP).