The Building Employment through Education (BEE) Project is in partnership with PeoplePlus NI, with eye4education engaged as the specialist partner in the provision of services to specific schools. This is an education-based initiative aimed at breaking the intergenerational transfer of disadvantage from parents with poor literacy, language and numeracy skills to their children. This project is funded by the Northern Ireland Executive’s Delivering Social Change Fund through the Social investment Fund.

The project engages with 20 Schools, those being 10 Post Primary Schools and 10 Primary Schools within targeted areas as per the Northern SIF Zone. To date eye4education has engaged with over 600 pupils on a range of initiatives such as breakfast clubs, employability programmes, health and wellbeing programmes, after schools clubs and transition training for the next major step in life; primary school to post primary school or KS3 to KS4 for example. The BEE Project is operational for the next 2 academic years and initial data shows a very positive outlook ahead.