An eye 4 languages was among the option choices at St Joseph’s Grammar Donaghmore this year

It is with great joy and excitement that eye4education can report that St Joseph’s Grammar School have doubled its number for GCSE French enrolment 2015. The School decided to take action following a lower than expected uptake the previous academic year.

St Joseph’s Grammar School got in touch with eye4education during September 2015 to discuss an issue with the uptake of languages more specifically French for a choice at GCSE level. Over a period of consultation and fact finding, eye4education then submitted a proposal to the Senior Leadership Team for consideration. It was agreed by the School that the proposal would be accepted and rolled out with a specific emphasis on French. The workshop itself was extremely interactive with a unique style of delivery and inclusion of up to date technology. All information presented was context based of which the pupils could relate to in their current environment. Post reports highlighted that there seemed to be a perceived increased interest in language up take, however this was confirmed with the recent good news as up take actually doubled