About eye4education

Established in September 2010, eye4education provides bespoke educational consultancy services to schools and organisations across Northern Ireland. We provide a range of services including:

• Pupil education programmes with class groups or entire year groups (in one or more sessions)
• Teacher education programmes (CPD)
• Parent education programmes
• Group educational events
• Transitional programmes (e.g. P7 to Year 8, Year 12 to Further Education, Year 14 to University)
• Large scale (including province-wide) educational projects

Each academic year we engage with more than 20,000 pupils, 4000 teachers and 3500 parents and other adults at 180 educational establishments and businesses across Northern Ireland.

Each school receives its own bespoke programme plan (to be signed off by the school) in which all objectives are set out and agreed before delivery takes place. Following the event eye4education prides itself on the quality and quantity of evaluations provided. This part of the service is crucial in demonstrating the strength of how each learning outcome was met and also more importantly the next steps in order to provide a legacy for effective learning. We believe in a blended learning approach therefore using already established classroom techniques complemented by using the latest in educational technology.

All these services are provided under the umbrella of 5 platforms:
• Careers Education focusing on Labour Market Intelligence
• Science, Technology, Engineering (Arts) and Mathematics – STE(A)M
• Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
• Health and Wellbeing
• Literacy and Numeracy

Our team of educational consultants bring a great deal of industry experience to these programmes. Backgrounds include professional footballers, recruitment specialist, entrepreneurs, engineer, professional trainer, technology specialist, health consultant, academic researcher, former PE and Careers teacher, sports coach, social entrepreneur and marketing professional. They also bring strong academic qualifications with master’s degrees in engineering, business administration, education and systems management in addition to numerous bachelor’s degrees, diplomas, certificates and teaching qualifications.

At eye4education our job is not simply to run workshops! Our aim is to work with the schools to provide a programme or series of programmes that will engage, enthuse and enrich the pupils/parents/teachers and thereby help schools meet their goals and targets via impacting and complementing their current and future School Development Plans.